Boehner Must Have Flunked The Math Classes He Rode To On A Short Bus

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Boehner Will Insist on Cuts to Raise Debt Limit

Said Boehner: “I believe that if we’re going to increase the debt limit, there ought to be cuts and reforms in place that are greater than the increase in the debt limit.”…

Even Dan Quayle couldn’t possibly have gotten through Princeton on his minority set aside without being able to figure out that if spending cuts result in a surplus rather than a deficit, there would be no need to increase the debt limit.

Is there no unemployed Head Start teacher who would be so kind as to volunteer to teach the President and congress critters how math works?  He or she isn’t likely to find work anyway and would have a roof over her head for a few hours anyway.

I know it would be a hell of a tough job but isn’t that what teachers ask for?

Best,  Terry

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