Bossie the Micro Cow

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As every damn fool knows, humans or Norse gods or both (I can never remember which, being a recent convert) were created from the corpse of an ice giant and a cow.

Now scientists, our modern Frankensteins, have created Bossie, the micro cow.

Doing it in the Dark: Fuel from thin air, and beyond light

Making isobutanol

“Where the hydrogen coming from?” asked a number of astute readers at the time. And for sure, it was coming not from water, but from hydrogen gas. Which is generally made from fossil fuels (though it can be made renewably).

So, how is this latest news from UCD an advance of the storyline? In two ways – one, we haven’t seen the requirement for hydrogen gas: water seems to be able to provide the hydrogen. Secondly, we note that the targeted products that Bossie can make include, to date, isobutyraldehyde and isobutanol.…

Well, only small children, the Koch brothers, Exxon and other malevolents would be scared out of their wits by that but think about some other enemies of the environment.  Hey, I am not against small children but just reporting.  Even our enlightened youngsters seem to be against abortion and population growth.  Go figure.

But there is the possibility our modern Dr. Frankensteins will turn their attention to milk and meat, hence the name Bossie, to the horror of the organic food hoaxsters.

Heh heh.

Best,  Terry

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