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El Salvador Will Not Allow Lifesaving Abortion For Young Mother…

Die, woman, die.  The orphan you leave behind doesn’t need a murderess who would abort a brainless fetus.  

What would the world do for politicians if all brainless fetuses were aborted?

In Nicaragua the dashing, heroic, incestuous dictator Daniel Ortega, beloved by many liberals, will never be investigated for his crimes because he is after all a dashing, heroic dictator.

To appease the Nicaraguan church hierarchy, the incestuous, beloved dictator made the law against abortion absolute so the prelates wouldn’t concern themselves so with crimes against the people.

While there is much to celebrate among the younger generation in America, the rising intolerance for abortion is most assuredly not one of them. Men have never had anything to fear from the fix women can get into unless they give a damn about their mothers, wives, daughters and other females.

I have wondered if the rise of the so-called hispanic population and reverence for coathanger medicine are coincidental or a show of cause and effect.

Regardless of all other considerations, this is a horrendous retreat from common decency, commonsense and respect for individual rights IMO.  

It is abortion that converted me from a Catholic to a true believer in the Vikings’ religion.  Where else on the planet can one find a religion that decrees women goddesses are fully equal with male gods?  I frankly rebelled at thinking Viking males were sensitive souls but who can figure all the contradictions in life?  My Viking-Cherokee bride of nearly half a century has me confused too but then all women do that.  I am only a mere male. We are all dumber than whale blubber because we can only think with the gray stuff.

Best,  Terry

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  1. Some dunces consider it  a disability.  All, of course, are men.

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