Market Value

This piece of meta arcana might be of some interest to historians of DocuDharma but I think it’s instructive for different reasons than you might.

My final dispute with budhy revolved around enforcing our rules about I/P discussions (which btw, are strictly enforced now- don’t even go there).

I was always the bad cop so buhdy could be the good one and everybody’s… well buddy.

No problem, I don’t really care what people think of me, honestly- look at what I write.

But this time buhdy yanked my Admin so I quit.  I was already carrying the site, all the promotions were mine, half the essays.

Do it without me asshole.

And I started my own site, The Stars Hollow Gazette, within a month and it costs $15 dollars.  You know, like less than my Cable TV.

Now I don’t care to pretend that I could do it without TheMomCat who is even more hard core than I am and I am more than eternally grateful.  No, we are not married.  I’m fully capable of relationships with women that are not sexually based or exploitative even though I’m chromosome damaged.

Anyway buhdy couldn’t keep up and in less than six months announced his intention to close this site.

And now my main point

At the time of my dismissal I offered buhdy $500 for the site.  He countered with $5000 which I could have paid but thought was outrageously over valued.

When he abandoned DocuDharma I repeated my offer to which his reply was “It will be a cold day in hell…”

So I consulted with TheMomCat who said- “I’ll not give him a dime.”

“Ok, so long as that bastard ek has nothing to do with it.”

Emily and Richard have been happily (ok, at times not so happy, but that’s how it works) married for over 50 years and I’m reasonably sure we’re a DNA match.  Now if you want to call me a name that’s fair game but you don’t need to drag mom and dad into the fight.

Well, guess what happened.

So what would it take?

Everything has a price.

I know people, you do too.  How many pianos?


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  1. I thought it was worth more than any website but got to hate it.

    Took months to sell it.

    Congratulations on your purchase.  How much you asking? 🙂

    Best,  Terry

  2. And it’s conditional.

    I want to make an offer you can’t refuse.

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