How much would you pay to get your mother off her deathbed

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and resume a normal life after all her cancers disappeared?

How much would you pay for yourself if you are a woman or for your daughter or for other people’s mothers and daughters?

How much then would you for your Great Dane not to have his leg amputated because of a common sarcoma in big dogs and then almost certainly die anyway?

If you have no dogs, how much would you pay so that other dogs might live?

Obama and your Congress will pay nothing at all but will pay handsomely to delay such a drug from getting to market.

There is trillions for bankers to confiscate your home even if you never borrowed a penny from them, there is more trillions to kill Americans and others with warfare.

There is billions for Big Pharma and hospitals and insurers to sell you worthless and often harmful medicine and treatment.

But for small biotechs developing such a drug that actually exists, there is nothing at all but trouble.

NOTA BENE:  I have an investment in such a drug – a whole $300 or so – and it has only shown such results below the expected therapeutic level in a small proportion of patients in safety testing.  It is a blue sky gamble because of the huge funding required in hard times.  Banks need to keep their money and others prefer safety above all.  I will not go beyond this description for fear some other damn fool will risk the kids’ milk money.

Best,  Terry

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  1. Best,  Terry

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