Lustig on Colbert

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(not a diary, shoot me)

(Essay enough, you just have to frame it- ek)

Colbert is seconds away from interviewing Robert Lustig, prof of childhood obesity.

I’m looking forward because I know Lustig, and wonder how he’ll handle Colbert.  I prolly could have made a career of obesity, but I didn’t care in the face of other Malthusian constraints.

Nevertheless, Lustig is impressively knowledgeable, a bit “sugar is hitler,” etc, but if you are interested in obesity, Lustig is worthwhile.


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  1. but not as hitler as driftglass, who never loved Eva Braun.

  2. so I know, “sugar is hitler,” btw, you fucking rats!  Drink it, drink it!  You can’t help yourselves in the first place, and in starvation or under stress, whoa daddy.  I’d write a book if anyone cared.

  3. so that’s how you properly run a joint.  huh.

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