OMIGOD! Had I Known Obama Would Mention Seneca Falls I Would Have Listened

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Seneca Falls is the small hamlet in update New York where activists held the first women’s rights convention in July 1848. Activists Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Frederick Douglass were among the 300 people who spent two days discussing ways to promote women’s equality.…

Actually the women’s suffrage movement was initiated with a meeting of 5 women in a church.  The building is only a shell now and the “park” [Women’s Rights National Park] gets few visitors.  There is little to see unless you have some idea of the significance of what you are looking at.

Best,  Terry

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  1. For once you were fully on key though I don’t suppose you will be visiting the park.  That would have to make for one hell of a traffic jam.

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