“Keep the Faith,” says Joe Biden to those concerned about Global Warming

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What faith is that, Joe?  Isn’t this like the preacher inveighing against sin while immersed in corruption and degradation?

If you aren’t despairing of the future, you can’t be sentient.

Will the U.S. Surpass Saudi Arabia in Oil Production?

Recent news reports said yes, based on the Executive Summary of a big international report by the International Energy Agency.

And that’s just oil.  Does anybody need to know about fracking natural gas that is giving firewater a whole new meaning?  Natural gas may be more harmful to the environment without the new technology than even coal mining because escaping methane is a vastly more potent greenhouse gas than CO2.

Here’s what’s clear: While we debate and ponder the consequences, global energy consumption continues to grow exponentially.


Meanwhile purported environmentalists pushing environment-damaging, high cost, sometime [intermittent] power fight tooth and nail against baseload renewable power that is vastly more potent and cheaper than all other sources combined.

Compare the hottest hour of the hottest day in Death Valley to the potency of a run-of-the-mill supervolcano like Yellowstone that could potentially exterminate human life in North America.  Which would you say likely is the more powerful?

Our leading revered environmentalists would rather see a whole gawddam forest be burnt down along with the woodland critters and a few firefighters and waft tons of CO2 and toxins into the atmosphere rather than gather the kindling and generate power with biomass rather than coal because the former is natural somehow.

One of the ultimate clean power plants is in Iceland where a trash burning facility adds heat to the tepid waters of a warm spring in the tiny, isolated hamlet of Husavik to squeeze out 3MW of power from such sources.  The plant is currently undergoing modernization after it was bought by an Aussie company pushing advanced geothermal technology around the world for deriving power from low temperature geothermal waters.

But that’s not good enough for our megathinking environmentalists who prefer to drill many miles deep into the bowels of the earth for more power at enormous cost beyond the limits of current technology.

Mother Earth is a most bounteous lady but she can be turned into a mass killer beyond compare by mere mortals when her simple rules are ignored.

Who says we are an intelligent species?

Best,  Terry



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  1. with the exploding people thing I ceased supporting big Al’s Bernie Madoff carbon scamming scam and relegated the entire concept into the victories of the Anti-Christ category.  Not a big fan of fracking.  I do love the peswiki page about energy technology supression even if as an engineer I would have to pronounce the laws of thermodynamics as valid.  Still Tesla is the father of alternating current and free energy until he met JP Morgan.

    Lots of viable ideas which compete with the oligarcy.

  2. Some say ice.

    I think ice is more likely.  After all, we are in an interglacial.

    For a different view and perhaps an even more disturbing view of the climate change we might face, watch this video “The Cloud Mystery.”  


  3. A concept predominant in Third World countries,worldstove.com might sell you an efficient carbon neutral stove that burns everything from twigs to elephant dung which I as a former engineer have never heard about.  Why does this piss me off?  Apparently the globalists would rather dispense with the entire minority US population simply to free up resources for the rest of the world and why.  Sociopathic Nazified control freaks are in charge.

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