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Dolphin Swimming in Gowanus Canal

By MARC SANTORA, The New York Times

Published: January 25, 2013

The dolphin was first spotted about 9:30 a.m. at the mouth of the canal, Ms. Wocial said. Experts are monitoring the dolphin’s swimming patterns and breathing patterns, hoping to understand what, if anything, might be ailing it.

The Gowanus has long been considered the most inhospitable of waterways. For years, it was the dumping ground for industrial waste, a receptacle for sewage spill-off and generally a symbol for urban decay.

It is not uncommon for large marine animals like dolphins and whales to swim right up to the openings of New York’s waterways, including the Gowanus Canal, swept in during high tide and out again with the next high tide. Most of the time, the animals come and go without incident.

Still, he said, the hope was that the animal would swim out during high tide. Any rescue that involves human intervention, he said, has inherent risks. Removing the animal from the water would be further complicated by the cold weather, he said.

High Tide is around 7 pm ET.  Unfortunately this is likely to end sadly, the dolphin is in considerable distress.

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