A Navy SEAL’s tragic secret

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When Navy SEAL Robert Guzzo returned from Iraq, he feared seeking treatment for PTSD would endanger his career. The Fold devotes today’s show to telling his story.


  1. During all of our “wars,” so many soldiers were sent back into service, as not having been diagnosed with PTSD, deliberately.  Meaning that, although, they were diagnosed with PTSD, for purposes of re-entering the services, they would remove the diagnosis. Thus, many were sent back into service, on multiple tours, with a known PTSD condition, but an “undeclared” one by the military!  Just another of the saddest of our stories.  While the military industrial complex has profited so greatly, our soliders have been but “fodder” . . . . bottom line!  

  2. I have been under and then non-medically insured since 2008.  When “they” fixed healthcare pre-existing conditions made one insurabale or basically not insurable.  So if one extends that to the world of work a new hire is one who has been insured, two, does not smoke and three has only been out of work for about 2 days.

    And when one mentions Navy Seal it is painful.

    I do not accept the official 911 story

    I hold that Bin Laden died of kidney failure in 2001

    I get pissed at mainstream media for promoting the seal team six much like they did for Fifty Shades of Grey.

    OK, so if I go to a doctor it generates a record of something I might have.  It’s just an extension, a disease from the post 911 world.

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