What’s The Difference Between “Broadening the Base” and Squeezing Pennies From The Poor?

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[Hint: There isn’t any.]

One of the Great Untold Stories of the past few decades was the fall of the murderous “Iron Lady,” Margaret Thatcher, when she proposed a modified head tax.

Thatcher could sail with aplomb above the increasingly nasty reputation of the English in Europe for her extrajudicial killings and mass imprisonment with little ceremony of the revolting Irish, especially with the full backing of the “World’s Greatest Power” across the big drink.

But the attack on les miserables even despite the inability of the voiceless ones to speak up for themselves sunk the old battleaxe.

Surprisingly fast.

In England of all places.

Maybe if England hadn’t lost the gift of poetry and lyrical literature that once stood her so well…

There has been an abortive destruction of the ham-handed Republicans, who had preveiously been raised from the grave by one of their own under a different label with a skillful ability to croon the old siren songs without shame.

We are obviously headed back towards the reign of a new and far more skillful Iron Lady if the stars foretelling the future are not giving a false signal.

Not looking good at all for working folk, the very young, the aged and the sick.

Then again it never did – ever.

Best,  Terry

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  1. is child’s play for today’s spin doctors.  All that is required is a strong stomach and missing organ in the Heart of Darkness that Conrad illuminated so well.

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