Hey, Pig Man, Why Not Use Your Pig Stink For Growing Tomatoes Or Baseload Energy

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I am a NC Pork Producer and we produce renewable energy from our swine waste

I am also interested in a small solar farm.


I guess it’s to be expected that a pig farmer would want to join his pigs at the trough to chow down on huge subsidies for the worst dilettante of renewable energy but mightn’t stinkless pig farming producing abundant baseload [always on] energy and/or fertilizer have some attraction even without the government trough?

See Pig city – zero emission and odour-free pig production Project


The last time I had looked in on Pig City it was a small experimental venture utilizing air filters to screen out ammonia, the primary cause of stench in all livestock farming.  The ammonia was then used for growing tomatoes but can be burned for generating electricity as well.

Pigs are not bearcats, you know.  

Bearcats’ butts are said to smell like buttered popcorn though admittedly I never smelled a bearcat’s butt and have no idea if their shit smells the same.  What I do know about all too well is the stench of pig shit.  It is the worst.

I also have no knowledge of any government subsidies for Pig City but it is surely a more worthwhile venture than another dubious solar farm.

Best,  Terry

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