Election Publication Deadlines

TheMomCat and I will make every attempt to ensure that your contribution appears in as timely a fashion as possible including more frequent promotions and extending our publication day.

Pieces that you intend for consideration before the election should be posted by Sunday evening if possible.  Election Day (Tuesday) submissions by Monday night.  If you are too late don’t despair, we will attempt to schedule your work as soon as we can while also featuring reactions to Tuesday’s events.

There will be an Election Night Open Thread for results and observations.

Finally, DocuDharma and The Stars Hollow Gazette are explicitly non-partisan.  You may freely express your support for any candidate.  They are also public so if you publish an unpopular sentiment or inconvenient truth only your discretion and the obviously mean spirited nature of cross blog stalking protect you from consequences and suppression in other forums.  Nor are your ideas immune from criticism and discussion here, but you won’t be sanctioned for anything except violating the normal rules of behavior.

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