I Am You and You Are Me

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It’s hard to say where it went wrong,

Decades before me and this song,

Through the banksters and the wars,

I just can’t take it anymore . . .

Don’t ask for my vote, don’t show me your ads, to hell with your PACs and your polls and your parties.  You no longer know me, my name you’ve forgotten, I’m no one to you as they throw me in jail.  But my name has been written in all of the languages, in all of the songs that have ever been sung, it’s survived and endured, through brutal oppression, through slavery and depression and hunger and war.  It’s been written before and will be written again, in the skies above Wall Street, in the skies above Washington, in the skies of the East and the skies of the West.

You no longer see me, you’re blind and corrupted, I’m just a shadow to you with no face and no name.  But the poor and the hungry, the poets and artists, the writers of history know who I am.

I am the People. I am the Future.

I am their Liberty. That is my name.

Occupy Wall Street was among the top stories of 2011

Tell me, politicians of the profit machine, in capitals far and capitals near . . .

Know you the meaning of all they are doing?

Know you the light that their soul is pursuing?

Know you the might of the change they are making?

As the dawn of this Day of the People is breaking?

No.  You don’t know shit about any of that.  Idealism is a mystery to you, it can’t be bought or sold or traded on Wall Street, it can’t be redistricted, filibustered, or turned into vouchers, so you don’t know fuck-all about it.    

But it’s more real than you’ll ever be.

I’m not telling you that, the past is telling you that, the future is telling you that, the ticking of the clock of karma is telling you that.  We aren’t going to lose this fight. You’re going down.

Wall Street Bull

There’s a rising on Wall Street,

I am you and you are me,

We are the 99 Percenters,

On the right side of love and history.

No one will rule us, no one will own us,

Humanity will know that we all are the same,

We are the People. We are the Future.

We are their Liberty. That is our name.


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  1. That’s a great song, too . . . hadn’t heard it before.

    It seems to me that we truly on the right side of love and history and WE ARE!  It’s just the insatiable GREED of those with power that would will to convince the world otherwise!

    • banger on August 19, 2012 at 23:46

    Look, “the people” want the shit they’re getting. It is the people who cheer Hank Jr. — maybe not all the people but look at the country–it’s not in the least interested in equality or social justice just my side, my tribe, to hell with the commons, to hell with science. This sentiment is deep within the American psyche-

    Somewhere on the fringes we exist who believe we speak for the people–we don’t. They want to spend twice as much for medical care as the rest of the world because having a sane system would mean that someone of the lower orders might get some care rather than jail-time. Any time some “enemy” is located they scream (on the “left” and right) for blood and are ready to destroy the Bill of Rights. It isn’t just Congress, it isn’t just the media, it’s just plain folks who want a neat, orderly, button-down world with the proper structures in place even if they don’t work. Just so they don’t have to think or look in the mirror.

  2. parallel movements, etc., just so people could keep them for future reference.  (And also because watching the diaries at fdl arguing electoral politics is…nauseating, soul-stealing stuff.)  ;o)


    Peace (when ya can find it) to all of you; stay strong.

  3. Sometimes I wonder who makes the invisible rec’s.

    Thank you so much.

    Did you tell them you used to be Rusty1776 you mean?

    My brain/eye weirdness just can’t handle all these colors and whatnot, either.  Kgb kinda redesigned Home for my quirks…though he’s in the wind now, no notice, and the place is kinda eerily dead save for a few of us.

    Have you checked whether your account’s active?  Silly of me; it must be, or you wouldn’t be able to login and rec.

    Remember Missling?  He does Mosquito Cloud now, and I just saw Kwiatktowski on a thread on Diane Gee’s Facebook thread.

    A friend got into a big old kerfuffle with her, and may have gotten banned.  Whoosh.

    Anyhoo, I was tryin’ to remember the name of his site, but have drawn a blank, not that it matters a whole lot.

    You’re writin’ great stuff; it’s good to see.

    I’ll be back (she sayed hoping her brain could remember…)  

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