Every Banker Had a Good Time

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As the leaders of the People’s Republic of Plutocracy, Inc. prepare for the corporate coronations of Romney and Obama in Tampa and Charlotte, they’re fervently hoping Occupy Wall Street won’t spoil all the fun by sending dangerous American citizens into the streets to tell the truth all over the place.  In Beltway offices, Homeland Security meetings, and conference calls with the militarized police departments of the One-Percent, the same questions are being asked about Occupy Wall Street. Who are those people?  Why are they going to the national conventions with protest signs and devious plans to say whatever they want about the government, right out loud, in broad daylight where other citizens might hear them?  What the hell do they think this is, a democracy?  

I’ve got a feeling it’s not going to matter how many riot police are in the streets, pepper-spraying everyone in the twilight’s last gleaming, Americans are going to hear what Occupy Wall Street has to say in Tampa and Charlotte about the “government” and the “job creators” and this trickle down train wreck they call an economy.

Oh yeah . . .

Oh please believe me, I’d hate to miss the train.  Oh yeah.

The chorus of our new national anthem is inspiring, isn’t it?  Feel free to sing along Fox viewers, low information voters, brainwashed birthers and cable pundits, pulpit pounders of the Westboro Baptist Church and Obamabots of the Great Orange Asteroid . . .  

Every worker had a hard year,

Every banker had a good time,

Every general had a wet dream,

Every fat cat saw the sun shine.

Oh yeah.

The corporate media isn’t going to cover the convention protests objectively, they didn’t in 2008 and they aren’t going to this year.  But they know damn well why the protesters will be telling the bankers, the venture capitalists, the credit default swappers, the corrupt politicians and the warmongers and the gay haters to get back down into that hole in hell they crawled out of and stay there.

It’s not a complicated message.  It’s only two words long . . .

Playing music on a rooftop is almost as seditious as gathering in a park. Play a song or hold up a sign and the police are in your face. Halfway through Get Back, the men with badges turned off Lennon’s amplifier.  Harrison turned it on again.

For a year now, the police and the corporate media have been turning off Occupy Wall Street’s amplifiers, wherever they gather, the amps get turned off.  We know why.  But I’ve got a feeling Occupy Wall Street’s amps are going to be cranked up loud at the corporate coronations.  If the police turn them off, Occupy will turn them on again.  Get Back is going to ring out from the rooftops of Tampa and Charlotte so loud the whole world will hear it.      

Oh yeah.


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  1. Don’t make Occupy play this set alone.

  2. I’m sure the “MIC,” yes, that’s my new word for Homeland Security (which is just a long-arm extension of the MIC), is all anxious and very well prepared for both of these conventions.  

    The costs of security for the NATO summit topped $65 million.  see:  http://theintelhub.com/2012/05

    These are the same kinds of protection that will be afforded the Democrat and Republican conventions, at possibly even greater costs than those of NATO  ( What to know about covering the conventions. ). It’s big business!  Homeland Security is a part of it all, of course, and we must pay them for their services.  We must pay for all of these security costs and all the military equipment, clothing, etc. costs that are passed on, as well.

    Explanation of “MIC”

    What I see is that the MIC has infiltrated American lives (using drones, too).  Everything, but everything is or will become militarized.  This is America’s business a la rigueur!  Here we are paying for all these security measures that the government (MIC) decides is what we need in order to keep the people in line, beat them up, jail them, whatever . . . . . all at OUR expense and not just financially. Yep, we must pay for the unfunded wars, all the Homeland Security efforts and, if they can, they’ll get our SS, Medicare and Medicaid monies, too, to help pay for the endless wars abroad and the one they will wage against the American people, should we get out of line.

    Can’t put my hands on it right now, but I read an article of some of the “plans” the security forces have for these conventions — there will be arrests, whether warranted or not, and crackdowns, etc.

    So, we have to salut those brave Occupiers who will go to both conventions and put themselves on the line . . . . . !  

  3. Your comments are better than my essays.  Maybe we should switch, you can post the essays and I’ll just comment. 🙂

    I remember there were a lot of DHS/police raids in the days before the Republican Convention in St. Paul in 2008, no warrants, they just went in and arrested people, confiscated computers etc.  They’ll probably do that again this year.

    One good thing is that Occupy is more organized and better prepared than the protesters were in 2008.

  4. Back the Truck up

    Look at whole picture

    Insurance too

    Yes bankers suck more but you can’t insure an unmedically insured 57 year old who jumps on trampolenes, used to own a Rottwieller, now rides horses, never, ever wears helmets or seatbelts, smokes at least a pack a day and seeks to educate the dancing with the stars zombination set on the merits of 911 truth and or the fallacies of American greatness right now today this very second.  I don’t think I can travel nor would I want to today.  900 channels of Xfinity and nothing relevant is on.

    OK, so I missed my destiny by not connecting with my childhood neighbor who was into singing.

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