Super Tuesday Open Thread

I have even less interest in this edition of the Insane Clown Posse than most (if that were possible).  I’ll have neither the time nor inclination to join you.  If you insist on playing along with Mitt there’s a place to scribble below.

Alaska 24+3 12 am Georgia 76 7 pm
Idaho 32 10 pm Ohio 63+3 7:30 pm
Oklahoma 40+3 8 pm Massachusetts 38+3 8 pm
North Dakota 25+3 9 pm Tennessee 55+3 8 pm
Vermont 17 7 pm Virginia 46+3 7 pm

You may well ask what those fancy +3s are.  Those are delegates chosen outside the normal selection process and will not be decided tonight.


  1. no signs, no people,zip,nada.

    I did my Ron Paul thing and then came home to check the lists.

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