To Be or Not To Be: GOP Contemplates Its Existence

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To be, or not to be: that is the question,

Whether ’tis nobler to flip or to flop, like a fishmonger’s ware,

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Taketh pride in the firing, as poor Seamus shall bear.


Lo’ the Rick, Lord of Sanctorum, as of the Holy

Thrusts asunder the demons of immorality and impiety,

So as to cure all ills and transgressions,

Thus possessed of the unwashed that walk among the Godly.


Ask not the Newt, for which he think,

But onliest watch for actions committed.

Be he teacher of men, or lobbyist of Lords,

He must be sharethed by all, lest he divorce asunder.


O’ scissorshands of fate, with blades sharp as tax man’s pen,

To cut and pare and shrinketh that which is bequethed to thee.

Thou impress as a man of peace,

But in thine heart lies a dual nature, scorn and oppression.


To be or not to be, to live or to die.

The status quo, one must truely ask why,

For on yon morrow, GOP must decide,

To goeth forward, or doth backslide.

Yay I say to thee, THAT is the question.


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  1. make it stop!

  2. ek. 🙂

  3. why stop at only the GOP which is after all only a singular branch in the collective evil that is the current sociopathic people control consortium.

    Yes I know the entire selection process of GOP baffoon after baffoon is comical however one must not neglect that other sociopathic people control mechanism of the “intellectual” left.   That whole industry which brought about the neo-liberal themes of

    “free” but globalist controlled trade (meaning funding of sweatshops in communist China and destroying Ghandi’s India and or any other geographic location on planet earth which does not heartily endorse a fucking McDonalds, CVS or Dunkin Donuts on their corporately owned suburban street corner)

    I have to save this “left” arm of american politics has advanced some of the most destructive currently accepted as gospel truth memes into American history ever.

    Feminism- yes you go girl but what does that mean.  In order to maintain the economic lifestyle your parents enjoyed on the single male oriented income streams in the past,,,,well two parents must work today in order to maintain that same lifestyle your parents had.  Yes you can burn your bra baby, you can bring home the bacon plus fry it up in the pan but you still are viewed as the bitch of globo-fascist corporate empire which needs your income stream merely because they sucked and will continue to suck at managing the world at large.  The cowboy spirit in me wanted, no, insisted upon both my daughters learning to drive stick shift cars and be able to hit what they aimed at with their nines.

    And Fuck Al Bernie Madoff Gore and his globalist burning shit is illegal unless you pay me for it carbon scam.  That in my humble opinion has done far more damage to the save the enviornment and sustainability of the human race, well, I don’t know.  How does one rank historically evil themes in relation to the statistical probabilities of the continuity of suburban American existance.

    We know that ain’t gonna happen don’t we.

  4. Cool captions.

    OT; What Mountain did Buhdy go of to?

    I`ve been away for quite a while, obviously.

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