The ultimate flip-flopper

(2 pm. – promoted by ek hornbeck)

I seldom think much about the duct tape

wrapping my black plastic evening wear

flip-flops (although fluorescent orange tape

definitely impinges upon the sensorium,

in dim light; broad spectrum is wowsers!),

unless they need more duct tape.  

A trip to the hardware store for a roll of black

to match the discreditable slippers was “unlikely.”

I bought them one sunny day in Palo

Alto at a Walgreen’s while visiting a friend’s AI

conference.  My dogs were barking.  I’ll concede

it’s kinda shabby looking with duct tape.

I didn’t bother finding the red or the silver

tape, ’cause it’s duct tape, pal, who cares?  

The orange tape was right there, sitting

on the desk, and black goes with everything.

If I had to go out in public for black tape,

there may be some black tape out in the barn,

cuz electrical tape is beneath me.


  1. AI?  Artificial Intelligence?  Hey, I don’t see any intelligence lately so how can they make something we lack.


    Next up, sorry you have to be in the west coast.  Hey, isn’t duct tape “illegal” in California?

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