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  1. +5 Experience and it upped my Awesome class.

    He smelled like mommy’s kisses.

  2. what an asstunnel!!

    • TMC on February 11, 2012 at 15:22

    the CPAC conference is sucking the air out of the convention center.

  3. devoid of growth potential due to preceived resource limits creates the potential for elite sociopathic control freaks the option of convincing people to make war on each other due to their differences which said sociopathic elite asshole parasites have had intimate knowledge of and the keys and means to create such population depletion wars for their own benfit, profit or just twisted sexual delight.

    Can “we” overcome our predatory nature.  Do we actually undergo this spiritual revelation in 2012 that says all of us, yes all seven billion of planet earth’s inhabitants gain that intuitive psychic sight to “see” into that good vs evil potential that resides within our very soul nature.

    I just scared one of the raccons who feed off my back deck. I was going to get my last beer before enduring yet another monday at the military-industrial complex paint drying factory.  Our eyes met and I spoke to him in a calming voice.  He didn’t move from his spot on the tree as I retrieved the beer and shut the slider.  Gets me thinking about how the life of an animal is far more simple.

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