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Well, duh

   A study panel from the labor ministry has identified six categories of behavior that constitute “power harassment,” including “giving the cold shoulder in the workplace” and “demanding the impossible.”

   The NPA says the recent rise in fatal traffic accidents on expressways might be linked to the elimination of tolls, which has “drawn inexperienced drivers to highways.”

   The welfare ministry found that workers who make less than ¥2 million a year “have more health problems than higher earners.”

   A 37-year-old Chinese man was arrested for throwing four Molotov cocktails at the Japanese Embassy in Seoul.

This just in…

         A professor at Hokkaido University believes that “at least seven” earthquakes with a magnitude in the 9.0 range have hit Japan during the past 3,500 years.

   Researchers at Tohoku University have developed a magnesium fuel cell for use during emergencies that can generate electricity from saltwater.

   Isetan department store in Shinjuku has installed a currency conversion machine that exchanges Chinese yuan to yen. The device is the first of its kind at a Japanese depato.

   Bottom Story of the Week: “Big Celebration Prepared for Japan’s Oldest Asian Elephant” (via The Mainichi Daily News)


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It’s Not What You Think. Or, Is It?

Fast-breeder said realistic no more

Kyodo Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012

A panel of experts reviewing the nuclear fuel cycle policy in light of the Fukushima crisis has agreed that while a fast-breeder reactor has advantages, from a technology viewpoint it can’t be considered a realistic option for the next 20 to 30 years.

The nuclear fuel policy involves reprocessing spent fuel to produce plutonium that can be reused to produce electricity.