State of the Union

I’m grouchy about 2 things.  First and foremost I’ll be missing the Phineas and Ferb Time Warped series for about the 3rd time.  Secondly, Barack Obama has broken so many false populist promises that watching him talk is not just unconvincing, it’s physically painful.

The most optimistic estimates are that he’ll play some variation on his Osawatomie, Kansas speech which was frankly feckless and weak.  The usual suspects- Klein, Bernstein, DeLong, Sargent are all making the same tired old excuses for inaction at best and Republican policies as the norm.

It’s noteworthy that there has been less leakage of the prepared text which I suspect is due more to the collapse of his sellout to the Banksters on mortgage fraud and robo-signing than his and Holder’s fanatical prosecution of whistle blowers and journalists instead of war criminals and thieves.  The gang that couldn’t shoot straight screws up again, unless you prefer to call them simply evil which certainly matches the facts.

dday has the best preview I was able to find.  In addition to Warren Buffet’s secretary as a poster child for tax reform, he’ll also have Admiral William McRaven of the Bin Laden kill team, and Steve Jobs’ wife.

Not quite sure what she’s meant to illustrate unless it’s the efficiency of working people to death in overseas sweat shops.

I expect there will also be a full throated denial of science in defense of fracking and global warming from the president who had no problem denying women access to Plan B contraception and supporting the Stupak amendment.

If you don’t have access to a TV CSPAN will be starting its coverage at 8 pm with ceremonial entries.  They’ll also have the Republican response from Mitch Daniels who today attempted to strip Union rights from workers.

They should all be fired and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


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  1. An officially leaked summary.

    In State of the Union, Obama to warn economic unfairness threatens middle class

    By Scott Wilson and David Nakamura, Washington Post

    Tuesday, January 24, 6:06 PM

  2. Also CSPAN begins.

  3. to examine fraud in mortgage securitization.

  4. Live Blog: President Delivers State of the Union Address

    Schneiderman is a co-chair, along with DoJ’s Lanny Breuer, who worked for the law firm that defended MERS. Robert Khuzami, the director of enforcement at the SEC, who has embarrassed themselves with their no-fault settlements, is also a co-chair. This could be good or could amount to nothing, with Schneiderman outvoted.

    My big question is: I thought the Administration already did a comprehensive investigation of the mortgage crisis? That’s what they keep saying.

  5. If you have Current you should switch to it.


  7. Iraq.

  8. It’s working so well with the Banks.

  9. Because an Associates Degree opens doors.

  10. The man is a failure and a liar.

  11. that can’t be discharged in bankruptcy.

  12. Markos will be happy.

  13. We should all be soulless exploitive bastards like Steve Jobs.

  14. White House Accused of Deliberately Underestimating BP Oil Spill Data

    By: David Dayen Tuesday January 24, 2012 6:21 am

  15. Who needs the EPA.

  16. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • BobbyK on January 25, 2012 at 3:49 am

    The old computer I’m using wouldn’t have a chance. You’re ironman ek.

  17. Way to go!

  18. Even the Dems didn’t buy that one.

  19. A big mistake.

  20. The Buffet Rule.

  21. I told you- no better November 8th.

  22. Whoop.

  23. November 8th, more of the same.

  24. Eternal War!

  25. Different from McCain how?

  26. Keystone XL.

  27. Photobucket

    (image via

  28. Buchanan’s culture war speech –

    infrequently, I’ve watched the re-pukes over the decades, and they ALWAYS deliver. I’ve always suspected they were lying thieves, and, they lie, so they can steal.

    Ta Da?  

    And there was a decade + of pulling for team Dim-0-crap … ‘we can do it little choo-choo, chug on, chug on! We’ll figure out the right soundbites … do we STILL need the Kennedy School Of Government, College of Pathetic Ass Excuse Makers?’

    I’m coming up on decade of seeing the pukes and thinking –

    “‘My’ party ain’t my party, it is run by diaper pissing political incompetents on a good day, and it is run by Yuppie Sewage Pond Scum Sell Outs on most days.”

    THANKS for the headlines / subject lines. 0bummer is a liar, and, he ain’t gonna do shit for us peee-ons.

    FACT #1 for you internet ‘fact’ based clueless folks:

    IF Newt-Fucking-Gingrich can use populism to rattle Romney’s cage, WHY should we support 1 Federal Democrat who has drawn a 6 figure paycheck in the last 20 years?

    Want to know what will happen after 0bummer is re-elected ??? — follow the careers of the key staffers to Geithner & Arne Duncan. BFD.


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