The Mark of the Beast

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John Aravosis is not wrong to liken this to the tattooing of inmates at Auschwitz.

Occupy protesters "branded" with UV ink

Montreal police borrow tactic from club bouncers to stop protesters from returning to public square

By Justin Elliott, Salon

Wednesday, Nov 30, 2011 1:12 PM

Occupy protesters in Montreal were dismayed to find they had been marked by police with a special ink that is only visible in UV light after being arrested during a raid of Victoria Square Friday.

Police told CTV Montreal they borrowed the technique from bouncers at clubs and bars and it is meant to mark protesters who might return to the square.

There are reports of police using invisible ink to mark objects as part of campaigns against burglary and underage drinking. But this seems to be the first time UV ink has been used to mark people during the Occupy movement.


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