So, we get mail-


My name is ??? and I manage the ???.com affiliate program. We’re a growing affiliate network in the political fundraising market.

??? is recognized as a global pioneer in political technology.  Every occupant of the White House, both Democrat and Republican for more than 25 years, has been an ??? customer, as are many U.S. Senators, members of the U.S. House of Representatives, and Democratic and Republican state party organizations. Year round, thousands of Americans involved in the political process, from grassroots organizers to Washington insiders rely on ???..

Since your website at seems to cater to the traffic that is also immediately relevant to ???.com, I wanted to take a moment to reach out regarding an opportunity for us to partner together, whereby you’d be earning commission on all leads (donations and/or email signups) that you refer. Our payouts range from %25-%35 per donation, but we want to offer you a private commission rate right off the bat.

To learn more about our program visit http://www.???.com/. If you’re not ready to join the affiliate program right away, I would still love to hear back from you to see how/if we can still work together.

I’m looking forward to your reply.

Now I have no doubt ??? is a sincere, legitimate, and reputable firm (or not, it’s not really relevant) but one of the things I like about our sites is we’re not constant mendicants.  Like anyone else it’s a monthly expense to keep the power on.  Do we accept donations?  Yes, yes we do.

We’re also open for advertising.  $10 per site, The Stars Hollow Gazette and DocuDharma, per week- $15 for both.  5100+ unique visits as measured by Sitemeter.  Like most publications we don’t screen our ads (when we have them) because to do so implies endorsement of the ones we choose to run (Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval anyone?  Bueller?).

Can you whore your own commercial endeavors?  Sure you can, but you might want to discuss it first because there is a class of spammers who make superficially benign contributions that link to decidedly malicious sites.  If you have a business proposition to make then make it, we don’t have a necessary objection to your including a link to your tie dyed T-shirts or heirloom, handcrafted quilts but transparency is a sign of good faith.

And speaking of transparency, 35% is a damn good rate.  In my club a 35% return on a commercial telemarketing donation campaign for a Children’s Theater, Magic Show, or Semi-Pro Sports Exhibition compares favorably in return on investment to a $2 Hot Dog at the Town Fair and is much less work for the members.  That said I’m unlikely to approve harvesting your registration email for spam.

$30 a month is less than my cable TV bill and I get far more satisfaction out of providing you a forum.  My wildest financial desire would be to create a trust to pay for servicing in perpetuity.  We do have PayPal links.

I hope I’ve been sufficiently crass and unsympathetic enough that you’re not tempted to open your wallet at a time when things are tough economically and there are plenty of worthier causes.  If you feel a debt of any kind it’s not your money that I’d ask for, it’s your eyeballs and content in the form of pieces, comments, recommendations, and tips.



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