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You see, it’s all about easing dependence on “foreign” (brown people) oil-

Canada pipeline firms sprint to end U.S. oil glut

By Anna Driver and Scott Haggett, Reuters

22 hrs ago

The companies are racing to unlock a glut of crude in the U.S. Midwest, which has built up over the year due to rising supplies from Canada and North Dakota. They aim to ship it to the Gulf Coast where it will fetch a hefty premium.

It may end a period of dramatic upheaval in the U.S. oil market that handed Midwest refiners an unexpected windfall of cheap feedstock, robbed northern producers of richer profits, revived an era of rail-oil freight, roiled airline efforts to hedge fuel costs and threatened to erode the U.S. futures contract’s preeminence as the world’s most-traded benchmark.

Lies.  It’s all about extracting more money from the pockets of the middle class.


  1. …in the same Southeast Texas county where Pt. Arthur–the proposed terminus of the Gravestone XL–is located.  I can tell you that it’s all about the exports; the reason why they want the poison oil to end up here is because this area has both the refining capacity to turn the sludge into saleable petroleum products, and the port capacity to send the refined products to overseas markets.

    “Bullshit” indeed.  It’s all about the money, honey, and will do not a thing to reduce our dependence upon foreign crude.

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