The Arctic Is Open For Business

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The Northeast Passage Is Open…

I thought this news would still be a year or two away, but here it is.

I can’t even begin to summarize this, as every word is so important, and so very scary, but:

But environmental scientists say there is now no doubt that global warming is shrinking the Arctic ice pack, opening new sea lanes and making the few previously navigable routes near shore accessible more months of the year. And whatever the grim environmental repercussions of greenhouse gas, companies in Russia and other countries around the Arctic Ocean are mining that dark cloud’s silver lining by finding new opportunities for commerce and trade.

Read the whole thing:…

I will add only this: once you have added new industries, new jobs, new human settlements, all dependent on a warming planet, you’ll have to fight them and their multi-national lobbies tooth and nail in addition to all the powerful forces we have to fight right now, making an impossible task all the worst.    


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  1. Republicrats, for your attention to this issue.  

  2. We have been fighting this issue for years and years.  

    This is SICK — always has been a sick effort to exploit the pristine Arctic!


    • on October 20, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    Don’t you think we are making things more worst for ourself..For trade purpose we are bringing more worse situation for our planet.

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  3. Destruction of a most beautiful and pristine environment — home of those indigenous to the region (tribal), wonderful wildlife, such as the beauteous “white” bears, a natural “home” for nesting for so much of animal life — destruction to which makes me near vomitous.

    And for what?????  This little bit oil, some 30 years later?  It’s all about HOW MUCH MONEY CAN WE MAKE NOW (oil companies)!!!!!  At the sufferance of . .. . .???? Naw, not a consideration!!!!!

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