Tapper grills White House on assassination of American without due process

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whut’s this?  A momentarily functioning press corpse?

Here’s what I heard:

Jake Tapper: You said Awlaki was demonstrably and provably involved in operations.  Do you plan on demonstrating or proving…

Jay Carney:  [interrupting] a humuna humuna humuna!  Whoa, Nellie!  “Proof” could land me in legal hot water!  Let me paint a picture of guilt by association!

JT:  Do you plan on bringing any proof to the public of these charges?

JC: you’re embedding destabilizing assumptions in my gyroscopic thing-a-ma-jiggie, so I’m just not going to address it.  There are a lot of bullshit secrets about our bullshit national security that I simply refuse to address.

JT: I don’t understand.  It’s very fucking simple douche weasel: You said Awlaki was operational based on exactly fucking what?

[meanwhile, check out the expression of perturbed concern about where Tapper’s line of questioning is going on that Mr. Bean character to Tapper’s left.  Priceless.]

JT: Did you show any evidence to a judge?  Anyone?

JC: Again, Jake, see these stones I’m stacking up on the lectern here?  Consider it a wall of alienation between me and you.

JT: You said “evidence.”

JC: I got nuthin’.  That was all bullshit.

JT: isn’t it a wee bit problematic for Presidents to kill Americans without explanation?

JC:  uh…well…[makes hand gestures expressing “the angles he can’t talk about.”]

JT: The President denied Awlaki access to legal representation to challenge his placement on the assassination list.  That was kind of shitty, wasn’t it?

JC: Fork if I know.  Go ask Treasury.  You’re done, bud.  Next.

Pretty great stuff from Tapper.


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  1. http://lewrockwell.com/roberts

    Ignore the Ron Paul scheisse.


  2. We are witnessing true sociopathology in its most pitiable, craven form. And no spontaneous expression of surprise by anyone in the audience? It’s all just formality, including the burial of the constitution.

    I guess it’s bombs drones away for the pornographers in D.C.

  3. A good one yet diversionary.  WMD, words of mass distraction/division/deception.  Since I have long ago rejected the official 911 fairy tale following the historical accounts of numbered Alqeada leaders on corbettreport.com and other places is interesting.  These leaders being reported killed/captured and or even deemed irrelevant althogether several times during the ten year war of error.

    The underwear bomber-Kurt Haskell

    Hey, with the Cold War over they needed a new enemy.

    • mplo on October 6, 2011 at 20:00

    Jake Tapper was right.  

    I hope he keeps fighting for his principles.  Go, Jake Tapper!

    • banger on October 8, 2011 at 05:15

    This is the Empire. It could be worse–just don’t piss off the oligarchs too much. That’s why it’s good to work collectively without leaders. They decapitated the left when they murdered MLK and RFK–the darkest time of my life. Before that there was hope.

  4. and I don’t see how it matters in US or international law, morally, or any other way.

    What is the big deal with his being a US citizen?

    The fact is you aren’t legally allowed to kill anyone, whatever their citizenship,  w/o due process, but Reagan did it in Libya, then Clinton killed some innocents in Somalia  to save his hide from impeachment, then Bush II, and now Obama has stepped it up several more notches as a daily occurrence.  

    It’s been a slippery slope for a long time, but is clearly the worst it’s ever been now.

  5. International Legal Expert, whose thoughts and opinions I admire and respect greatly!

    Here is what he has to say about the “at will” assassinations, even if American(s):

    Obama Administration Claims Right to Kill Americans Suspected of Terrorism

    Did Obama Just Assassinate A U.S. Citizen? Aulaqi Killing Raises Questions Over Presidential Powers

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