Power and Internet

At least temporarily.

I apologize to Formula One fans, cable is still out and I won’t spoil the 3 pm repeat if you happen to have it.

Much worse than predicted, many lines down and people not living as close to vital government installations as I do (tomorrow is the last day to get your property taxes to Town Hall) may have to wait until Wednesday.

Fortunate for me having just gotten the roof back on I was not looking forward to replacing the plumbing (burst pipes).

I hope all my readers are experiencing a similar speedy recovery.


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    • TMC on October 30, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    everyone in this area is still out and the hospital is on generator. I’ll be covering the overnight in the ED.

  1. we should meditate on.

    Instead of building solar “we”/ they insist upon the complex circuitry intensive “energy saving” aspects of “Smart Meters” which will ultimately shut off your air conditioner because some more elite asshole than you “needs” that energy simply because He/she/it is on a higher economic/social pane than you are.

    Cousin Steve has abandoned the windmill plans mostly because I firmly believe off the grid living is highly discouraged, as is independent thought, creativity, love, family, connection with nature, animals, spirituality and a whole host of other things of an anti-capitalist nature.

  2. and what happened?

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