Drone = Terror

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The issue of today is US drones.

Only drones.

The situation is, that via attack (and ‘surveillance’ too ultimately) drones, the US thinks it can wage undeclared wars in half a dozen countries with impunity. Today, the US employs cowards, who sit in Nevada, VA, or New Jersey, and kill people for money–then go off to little league.  

CREECH AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. – From his apartment in Las Vegas, Sam Nelson drove to work through the desert along wind-whipped Highway 95 toward Indian Springs. Along the way, he tuned in to XM radio and tried to put aside the distractions of daily life – bills, rent, laundry – and get ready for work.

Nelson, an Air Force captain, was heading for his day shift on a new kind of job, one that could require him to kill another human being 7,500 miles away.

Seated in a padded chair inside a low, tan building, he controlled a heavily armed drone aircraft soaring over Afghanistan. When his shift ended, he drove 40 minutes back through the desert to the hustle and neon of Las Vegas.

Drone pilots and crews are the vanguards of a revolution in warfare, one the U.S. military and intelligence agencies have bet on heavily. The first Predator carrying weapons was rushed to Afghanistan just four days after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Today, the Air Force is spending nearly $3 billion a year buying and operating drones, and is training pilots to fly more unmanned than manned aircraft. Demand is so strong even non-pilots such as civil engineers and military police are being trained.

More than 7,000 drones of all types are in use over Iraq and Afghanistan. The planes have played an integral part in the offensive now being carried out in Marjah, Afghanistan, by Marines, British and Afghan troops.

The Pentagon has adapted consumer-driven technology such as satellite television and digital video to give pilots, combat troops and commanders at headquarters a real-time look at the enemy on computer screens. For the first time in warfare, troops on the ground can see the enemy miles away on live video feeds.

Drone strikes in Pakistan are part of a separate CIA program that has killed more than two dozen senior al-Qaida and Taliban figures, including two leaders of the Pakistani Taliban in the last six months.

But the attacks also kill civilians, inflaming the sentiment the United States is fighting an undeclared, illegal war from the skies over that country. Some critics say the problems are so serious the entire program is counterproductive and should be shut down.


This is what your tax dollars do–more than half of them in fact– exact number unknown (since the CIA budge is secret).

And this is the issue of today, are you going to fight this, or is anyone, anywhere, a target?

Make no mistake, the US isn’t the only country that either has attack drones, or will soon get them. Israel has them. And presumably has been killing Palestinians left and right- cause that’s what they do. The US and Israel are going to export them to dozens of nations.

Constant state terror = more arms sales.


Constant terror = more arms sales.

Got that???


Constant terror = more arms sales.

Drones will cause civilian deaths.


Either directly or as retaliation.

And, that’s what arms manufactures/ the US military / the CIA etc want– more death.

Which is an excuse for


  1. More arms.

    And more deaths.

    • BobbyK on September 25, 2011 at 6:34 am

    Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love.

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