Storm Warning

One of the side effects of being constantly lied to is that it has eroded the credibility of most institutions to active disinformation.

Being somewhat inland, at reasonable elevation, and on a slope that runs off into a rather large and now mostly empty glacial valley makes me sincerely doubt that Stars Hollow is poised to float away on the tide any time soon. We may have some basement flooding but that will be about it. If your basement does end up flooding then you may have to hire an emergency plumber to service your drain, which will hopefully help get rid of the flooding in no time.

The real danger with water accumulation is that it slowly eats away from the structural integrity of a property, and it’s effects become pronounced over time, if left unrectified. A quick search on the Internet for water damage restoration Colorado Springs (or with your locality name for that matter) should throw up a good deal of options for property restoration experts, capable of mitigating any unfortunate (water-logging related) circumstances in the future.

That said, it is possible we may experience some temporary power disruptions, given the whole scanario.

In past years I wouldn’t have worried much about it as we had more Administrators and they were geographically dispersed, now however site maintenance is primarily TheMomCat and I and she also is located in the storm path.

So I’m warning you in advance it could be that for the next couple of days you may need to make your own fun in our absence. While the Front Page might remain static there’s always that column 2nd down on the immediate right labeled Recent Essays which anyone can use without special permission.

I would hope you don’t need any reminders about civility except maybe this one- you can’t expect to be treated in any particular way on the Internet and the best thing to do if someone is annoying you is ignore them.

And now a Hurricane story.

Some time ago Richard had a job in the City and so he would drive down to the station and take the train in. The parking lot was close to a sea wall but Dad parked at the other end and didn’t worry much until he got home and the lot was empty and the car nowhere to be found.

Fearing the worst we were delighted to be called by impound and told that there was ‘some minor flooding’ and they had to tow the cars. We picked it up and drove away.

The next day on the Front Page was a picture of our car balanced on the top of the sea wall.

But wait, it gets funnier.

We later sold it to a family friend who almost won an argument with a School Bus that left the passenger rear door permanently closed. When he had no further use for it he sold it back to us for a song which was fortunate as I needed a car and that was about my budget. I drove it for several years until repairs exceeded it’s motivational value and gave it to a friendly mechanic who made it operational enough for the next owner. For all I know it’s still on the road.

Hope you weather the storm safely.



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  1. It’s a lamestream media hype-icane.  Forget about the growing population of “preppers” or that “Red Dawn” set of the religious right regular people are noticing the lack of leadership from “our scumbag politicians”.  That was taken from the proprietor of a respectable engineering website.

    Geo-engineering, weather modification and who knows how many secret radar enhancement DARPA projects are underway.

    • TMC on August 27, 2011 at 11:33 pm

    and the winds have picked up slightly coming from the southeast and the barometer is steadily dropping

    • TMC on August 27, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    “Good Night, Irene” wit a tribute to Leadbelly

  2. is crazy. Huffpo has photos of tiny surf, and headlines like ‘it’s getting stronger’ when it’s actually weakening substantially. And NYC’s reaction is way out of whack with reality. I fear that the media/corporate/governing complex is flexing it’s mussels…because it can.

    Don’t trust your own eyes…in Bloomberg you shall trust.

  3. you should be well and safe — my hopes for all!

    Thanks, ek hornbeck!

    • mplo on August 29, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    and it’s just as well, because there were some awfully strong winds out there, along with the heavy rain,  and I didn’t want to chance anything by driving, let alone walking on foot.   Yesterday was the tail end of Irene, and, by later last night, the rain had stopped, but strong winds remained, and Irene had been downgraded down to a tropical storm hours beforehand.

    Yesterday, both the Brattle Theatre and the Coolidge Theatre closed up, due to anticipations of Hurricane Irene’s damage.  So did Boston’s MBTA (Mass. Bay Transit Authority) system.  Hopefully, everything’s up and running today.  I kept my fingers crossed, and hoped there wouldn’t be any power outages in my generally area.  Thank heavens there weren’t!  I made it through Irene okay.  Whew!

    This morning, I woke up…and presto!  Sunshine, and a calm-looking day.    

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