Paint It Black

So I’m watching CNBC and their stock spokesmodel is saying “Well, it’s a sea of red out there but we’re trying to focus on the green.”

CEO- “What people are missing is that corporate fundamentals are much better than economic fundamentals.”


I don’t know that I have much more to add so here’s a video-

Dow down 265.87, below 12,000.  S&P negative for the year, below 200 day moving average.  Both longest losing streak since October 2008.

You remember, the big crash.

“The bond market is not worried about our ability to pay our debts, they’re worried about our ability to grow.”


  1. … our political ability to pay our debts ~ long bond rates have dropped from 4.3% to 4.07%.

    The stock market, however, is more worried about the economy. “Corporate results are better than economic results” translates into, “Corporates are growing by grabbing a larger share of stagnant national income” ~ and that alone is not enough to support stock prices rising at increasing rates. Though its 2nd best preference after “corporations grabbing larger share of growing national income” and ahead of “corporations grabbing constant share of growing national income.”

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