Barack Obama is a Dick!

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HarlequinNarrowYou know I’m kind of ashamed at myself for even addressing a topic so jejune and banal.  There was a time when I was an avid consumer of traditional media lies and hypocrisy and let them make me feel angry and betrayed as when Chris Matthews (and I watched every night, often 2 or 3 times) passed off the now notorious Republican shill master Frank Luntz as a neutral pollster for years and years.

I’d direct those interested in charting the decline at least as far back as Murphy Brown which thoroughly documented that the only thing of importance is the names in your Rolodex and truth an inconvenient virtue rarely found.

My family is now divided about the value of viewing.  I contend that watching at all makes you measureably stupider and they insisting that it’s at least an indicator of conventional wisdom.

What wisdom is that?  These people are constantly, consistently wrong.  They’re wrong about science and economics and politics and political science and history.  They are beyond stopped clock wrong and can’t be relied on to tell the truth even twice a day.  They have proven themselves as incapable as drowning turkeys in a thunderstorm of discerning whether someone’s pissing on their leg or if it’s really raining even with the aid of a window and a Maine Weather Stick (you put the stick outside your window, if it’s wet, it’s raining).

I wish I could work up a sense of righteous outrage at Mark Halperin but he is part and parcel of the Versailles Village system that through the sheer weight of it’s own ignorance and arrogance is moving us closer to July 14th every day.

“I like irony except I find that if you just toss your clothes in the dryer for a few minutes you hardly ever have to use it.”- ek hornbeck

“Barack Obama is a Dick!”, is the truest thing Halperin has said in years.


  1. makes me want to barf.  When exposed to it I can analyze the subliminals,pick out the bullshit and sometimes even psychically feel the evil prioritization quotents of the particular parasitic entities involved.  Yea, that is new for me.  Truth be told I have no idea who Mark Halperin is even.  I would have to look him up.  I have zero need of people who want to market to me how I should think.  Barry Soetoro is a globalist puppet resident of Kenyan/Turkish ethnic decent.  Some of the more weirder CT websites have him as an ET cloning experiment but hey, can’t believe everything you see on the net.  Basically here is this country nothing changesuntil shit either stops coming to the mall/supermarket or it is priced at 400 dollars for a loaf of chemical preservative WonderBread.

    They won’t notice otherwise.

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