“Veterans Unplugged” WIMS Radio AM 1420

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Thunder rollin in and I’m not doin much but posting to my sites but wanted to pass this along for anyone interested and get some to tune in.

From a VVAW, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, mailing we get the announcement of a new radio show by and for veterans, and everyone else, that everyone out of the listening area can stream online live or listen to in the archives. This is the send out received:

Three former Marines–Vince Emanuele, Jason Lewis and Mark Strudas,  

each Iraq war veterans–have now established a weekly two-hour radio  

show called “Veterans Unplugged” on radio station WIMS, AM-1420 in  

Michigan City, Indiana, on the south shore of Lake Michigan.  The show  

can be heard live on Tuesday nights between 6-8 pm, Central time.  The  

web site is WIMS Radio.

This is a show that can be heard live-streamed over the internet, plus  

they archive each show in the station’s “audio vault,” which can be  

listened to at your leisure–and is organized by date.

They did a special “introduction” show on Saturday, May 28, and then  

this week (June 7), shifted to the Tuesday night spot.

I haven’t listened to the complete Introduction show, but this week  

they had Johanna “Hans” Buwalda on for the first hour, talking about  

mental health of veterans, including PTSD and associated problems.  

Hans provides mental health care to veterans for free, as her work is  

supported by VVAW.  (VVAW is the only veterans organization who has a  

trained mental health professional on its payroll.)  There was a  

caller from Findlay, Ohio who called in during the second part of the  

show, and a local Michigan City nurse, Robin Lewis, called in to  

provide some support and information to this Iraq vet after Hans had  

ended her segment of the show.

For the second hour, as Mark had another engagement, the guys asked me  

to sit in and talk about the wars, media coverage, US foreign policy  

and a number of other interesting things.

Altogether, a very interesting two hour show, by veterans and for them  

and everyone else.  The program encourages people to call-in.

Also, all three of the hosts have been union members–in the  

ironworkers, steelworkers and United Transportation Union–and are  

strong supporters of the labor movement.  Vinnie and Mark traveled to  

Madison and Indianapolis earlier this spring as members of Iraq  

Veterans Against the War (IVAW), supporting the struggles against  

attacks on collective bargaining and other freedoms.

I encourage EVERYONE to check out this program:  these guys are smart,  

articulate, concerned, and I think you’ll find they are creating damn  

good radio.  They plan to address a particular issue every week in the  

first hour–next week is to be on veteran homelessness–with a more  

general discussion the second hour.

Check it out, and please spread widely.  Anyone with an internet  

connection can listen to the show live–even if you are overseas!

In solidarity–

Kim Scipes

Former Sgt, USMC


The archived links to the ‘introduction show’ for Memorial Day

Veteran’s Unplugged 5/28 pt 1

A Song by Jason Moon and introductions and backgrounds of our three hosts, the guys discuss the confusion when transitioning from active duty to civilian life

Veteran’s Unplugged 5/28 pt 2

Donna calls in to talk about the In Attendance Project for retired veterans, the guys talk about how to get funding and attention for veteran programs, students have been having problems getting their checks, Vinny talks about the history of Memorial Day, the corporate hijacking of Memorial Day, the guys discuss how they will celebrate Memorial Day, a lady calls in to talk abut the Crafts for Veterans program and the guys talk about how you know if a charitable program is genuine.

Veteran’s Unplugged 5/28 pt 3

A Josh Birchfield Memorial is taking place in Westville, discussion and the history of the “Bonus Army”, a rundown of local Memorial Day events, Aaron from Texas talks about “Operation Recovery” and the events that happened at Fort Hood, a caller has “adopted a soldier” and wants to know what to send, the guys talk about some of their favorite gifts while serving overseas.

Veteran’s Unplugged 5/28 pt 4

Another song by Jason Moon, Pam calls and talks about all the men in her life that served our country, Ryan calls in and talks about his work with the VA and how people can take advantage of those programs, what kind of questions should you NEVER ask a veteran, a call about a local community that displays flags throughout the season and thanks Ken for setting it up, talking about the issues veterans face when returning to civilian life.

I bring you the first regular Tuesday night show with players below.

Veteran’s Unplugged 6/7 Pt 1

Jason Lewis and Vinny Emanuele talk about singer/songwriter Jerry Hunt and play his song “Here in Chicago”. Johanna Hans Buwwalda joins the show to talk about counseling for veterans, PTSD and much more.

Veteran’s Unplugged 6/7 Pt 2

Jason Lewis and Vinny Emanuele talk with Johanna Hans Buwwalda about counseling for veterans, PTSD, returning from war and much more.

Veteran’s Unplugged 6/7 Pt 3

Jason Lewis and Vinny Emanuele are joined by Kim Scipes who is a professor at PNC. They listen to another song by Jerry Hunt and talk with Dr. Scipes about a variety of issues.

Veteran’s Unplugged 6/7 Pt 4

Jason Lewis and Vinny Emanuele are joined by Kim Scipes who is a professor at PNC.

Tune in and give support to the show and the topics and information covered and let your friends know as well!

Follow them on their Facebook page or at the Twitter site