Obama the Republican

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This is a good read about the current President of the good ol’ US of A.  The only question remaining is are we going to have a moderate Republican warmonger as President after 2012, or will we have a reactionary Republican warmonger as President?  The only one running who’s even close to decent is Ron Paul, and I don’t trust anybody who calls themselves a libertarian (think Capitalism with no restraints).  It’s sad that no Democrat from what is whistfully called the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party is willing to stand up and run against Obama.  At least then we’d have a possibility of someone who’s not concerned about lining their pockets as President.


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    • RUKind on June 27, 2011 at 20:16

    Jimmy was a true moderate Repug. Teddy nearly made it. Then we entered the thirty year hell of Reaganomics. At least Billy Jeff was a liberal Repug. He actually got us out of debt.

    No one is going to go against Barry. He’s locking up the cash flow now and that is what it’s all about. Only a Teddy could put  together money and bodies to mount a real challenge to a sitting party member.

    Be glad we’ll have Obama in 2012. There’s some truly weird dark-side batshit on the Repug side. Bachmann could be our next prez. Think about that for  minute.

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