My encounter with Jane Curtin

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Inspired TheMomCat’s reporting from Netroots Nation.

I’m informed that the only reason John Aravosis (of Americablog) has been wearing shorts to his sessions is that mcjoan spilled something on his good pants.  And yet TheMomCat reports to me he’s been wearing the same shorts for two days!

I want to tell you the story of me and Jane Curtin.

I was at a conference in New York and it was lunch time and Jane was the featured speaker.  I was in my business clothes as befits an officer in my club and I and the rest of our delegation got in line to pick up our boxes.  Beverages were served from 2 Liter bottles buffet style and I felt fortunate when I got to the station they had Club Soda (though Seltzer is better for you because it has less salt) because it’s one of my favorite soft drinks, pure fizz, not too sweet, and no caffine which makes me twitchy.  There were no bottles open so I opened one and it proceeded to drench me in that Mentos and Diet Coke way that they do.

Hah, hah, hah.  My “friends” pointed and hooted at me as I squished to the table.  Good thing it was just Club Soda which not only dries, but you can use as a stain remover.

So we sat down and ate and predictably late Jane and her entourage came in and very democratically moved through the same line we had used.

Evidently others in the grander group also liked Club Soda and Jane did too but when she got there the bottle was empty so she opened a new one.

It was extremely gratifying she had no better results than I, the embarassing part was that I was the only one that couldn’t suppress my laughter.

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