Krugman on Macroeconomics

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I often quote Herr Dockor Professor when I agree with him because he’s got a Nobel Prize and I…

Well, I have many accomplishments I’m quite proud of but a Nobel Prize in Economics is not among them.

Recently he’s published two summaries of his pieces on macroeconomics that I’d like to draw to your attention before they scroll away and get hard to find-

Macro Readings, Self-Referential Edition, June 10, 2011

Macro Readings Update, June 13, 2011

(note: He includes some duplicates I have omitted.  Also I have arranged them chronologically.)

Now just because I’m drawing them to your attention does not constitute endorsement.  I think Krugman’s criticisms of Modern Monetary Theory miss the mark almost entirely and he makes frequent category errors, too charitably ascribing to ignorance positions that are mercenary at best and motivated by pure evil in other cases.

Still, it’s not every Nobel Prize winning professor who gives away his lectures for free.


    • Xanthe on June 17, 2011 at 20:00

    Here’s a headline from the Chicago Sun-Times twinkling up at me as I take one of my long walks –

    Rahm:  Teachers Win Raise

          Unions Gain Power

          Kids Lose

    Oh Rahm, Rahm – will privateers never strike – will privateers never want a raise because they are just in it for the children.  But wait – what about the shareholders.

    Seriously, that headline is a gift to Rahm ’cause it sets forth in few words what the privateers are pushing.  And to the unemployed it hits a wrong note – the note of resentment.  

    Gosh, he’s a great guy.

    Note that Rich Daley took a job with the people to whom he gave the parking meter franchise.  


  1. and I plan on getting  back to it … but it’s Saturday night and I have a double shot of single malt scotch next to my chair.  Mercy!

    Thanks for the links, by the way!

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