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helmetNever let it be said I’m above poking a little fun at my Viking relatives.

It seems that in addition to producing racist anti-Muslim cartoons, Denmark has decided to ban Marmite.

What you have to understand about this is that Marmite and it’s Australian cousin Vegamite are basically expended Brewer’s Yeast and they taste… well… let’s just say you have to acquire one.

Some will point out that it has high levels of umami and there are other foods that require a ‘willing suspension of disbelief‘ like natto and garum.

The reason they’re banning it is because it’s fortified with extra vitamins which, as with riding your dog like a small pony, IS FROWNED ON IN THIS ESTABLISHMENT!  Thank goodness I was able to hide this computer under my blanket so I can keep track of my blog accounts.

The advertising says you either love it or hate it, fans are up in arms ready to smuggle it in like Reservation cigarettes from Germany and Sweden and are calling for retaliatory bacon boycotts.

You’re wondering about the hat.  It’s what Vikings wear to keep the CIA mind control microwaves out.

Now, if it were Spam-

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