More Racing News

What?  You weren’t up at 7 am to join me liveblogging Formula One Qualifying?  I suppose I can hardly count on you for the 6 am Sunday GP 2 then (though you might join me later today for The Longest 2 Minutes In Sports).

Still, I hear rumours that this is a political site and you might be interested in this racing development related to potential Republican candidate Bankrupt Billionaire Combover.

Seems like ‘The Donald’ can’t spare a moment from firing people, after all he already blew off the First Republican Presidential Debate and it’s hardly fair to ask him to spend a whole month practicing to drive.

He has ‘people’ who do that.

So it will be A.J. at the Brickyard for the 100th Anniversary instead.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Foyt’s first Indianapolis victory, in 1961, and his 54th consecutive Indianapolis 500 as a driver or team owner.

“Since I won my first Indy 500 50 years ago, I had hoped to still be racing in it, but driving the pace car is the next best thing,” Foyt said in a statement.


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