More Lies

This is why I no longer watch Talking Head Sundays.  Krugman opines

(E)ven I am surprised by this. When the gaping holes in the Ryan plan were revealed, I expected the Very Serious People to move on and find a new GOP daddy to idolize. Instead, however, they’ve mostly dug in, condemning anyone who points out that the plan is a piece of junk as being somehow out of bounds.

Steve Benen (whom Krugman hat tips) says

It’s exasperating, but it’s worth reemphasizing what too many establishment types simply refuse to understand: Democrats are telling the truth. Indeed, Dems are doing what the media is reluctant to do: offering an accurate assessment of the Republican plan for Medicare. If voters find the GOP proposal frightening, the problem is with the plan, not with Democrats’ rhetoric.

I’m at a loss to understand what, exactly, Ruth Marcus, David Brooks, and their cohorts would have Dems do. Congressional Republicans have a plan to end Medicare and replace it with a privatized voucher scheme. The proposal would not only help rewrite the social contract, it would also shift crushing costs onto the backs of seniors, freeing up money for tax breaks for the wealthy. The plan is needlessly cruel, and any serious evaluation of the GOP’s arithmetic shows that the policy is a fraud.

Which part of this description is false? None of it, but apparently, Democrats just aren’t supposed to mention any of this.


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    • Xanthe on May 30, 2011 at 22:24

    them, not one, see the obscene irony that that these people make so much money and don’t depend on Medicare – well, given what a corporation is – a profit machine intent on burying the human spark in any biped in Amerika, who’s to say they may find themselves old and without medical resources some day.  …If only  

    who will have the medicare voucher card?  will it be citibank, goldmansachs – oh, the list goes on – let’s see who will give the most money to O and whatever nebbisch runs in Republican Party.

    I’m quietly working in my garden trying to get away from the raging anger that is my constant companion when I hear booming noises – shaking my cherry tree – why it’s the circus in town.  The look at these glorious weapons Chicago citizens that we are deigning to fly over your skies so you can enjoy them.  I don’t want no damn Blue Angels flying over my small piece of heaven – I want Medicare, SS and jobs say the citizens.  …if only.

    And what will they call the Euthanasia Centers – Citibank Haven – how about Stairway to Havens run by some pharmaceutical giant.  And there will be levels of sleep inducement – but let’s not go there.  They accept credit cards?  Or course.  Meanwhile, Peter Peterson and the like will be kept alive on the organs of those without insurance.

    Welcome to the Monkey House!  


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