Lost Age of High Knowledge

From project camelot, Keith Hunter’s Lost Age of High Knowledge


Keith Hunter is author of a new book called “The Lost Age ofHigh Knowledge”. This is a masterly work that delves into the mysteries of the sacred sites around the world and how ancients and now the secret government is using mathematics and hyper dimensional physics to tap into the energy grid where these sites are built. To quote from his site…”Behind the mythical stories of the ancients, behind the superstitions and shamanism and the arcane traditions of the past, there lies a profound high science – one that is physically engineerable. A science lost to the wider world due to global upheaval prior to the time of recorded history, but that has been secretly reconstructed in the modern age, and developed for the pursuit of military supremacy and social control.”

Join us as we discuss his new book!

This I can believe in.

Osama bin laden psyops not.

Makes zombie attacks plausible.


Oh, and there was no Rapture because I had to put down the chestnut Apocalyptic Horse last Friday.  You just can’t have an Apocalypse without all four horses.

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  1. Lately I don’t “get” myself either.  Down to day by day survival in this former suburban McMansionville “paradise” while noting stories of copper being stripped from new houses overnight.

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