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Wisconsin Progressive/Labor Alliance Gears Up for Major Electoral Test Tomorrow

By: David Dayen Monday April 4, 2011 6:15 am

I haven’t seen any public polling on the Prosser race against JoAnne Kloppenburg, though private polling is said to show a dead heat. Because of the unpredictable turnout in an off-year election, the impact of the protest movement and heightened attention to political matters in Wisconsin, the power of incumbency for Prosser and the wave of money on both sides, I think you can make a reasoned argument that either candidate will win. We’ll have to see on Tuesday.

However, the fact that almost all of the conservative money is coming late is a sign, at least, that they’re nervous that Prosser could falter, a victim of Scott Walker’s policies. Also, major elections in the key Democratic bastions of Milwaukee and Madison could increase turnout there, which would help Kloppenburg.

This is a key moment for the progressive/labor alliance that rose out of the protests in Madison. If they can extend their reach, and take down a sitting Supreme Court justice, it would send a serious message about the sustainability of their movement, and provide momentum for the recalls in the summer.

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