Minority Rapport ~ Note from a 3rd Party Fringer

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Good morning. As I whip out a few hundred words with my first cup of coffee, it is so reassuring to know that I am so far out here on the far-left fringes that all 7 people who think remotely like me will be forgiving of its brevity and levity in the face of such a serious topic.

You see, overall the last ditch response to people like me that refuse to be enablers of the Uniparty of the Korporate State reads pretty much thus: “You are a big STUPID HEAD, and no one thinks like you!!” Well, golly surely it is better to be all alone~y by myself out here on the fringiest fringe, than to run with the sheep over the cliff. Sorry cupcake, I ain’t buying it.

Let me state that anyone who has a remote understanding of history, understanding not just rote-recall of dates and names, knows what happens to Empires when they turn their greed and avarice on their own people. Rome, falls, biotches. Hitler burns. Moscow rises. People revolt. Now, understanding that fact also presumes the knowledge that this doesn’t always work out too well for the people. Sometimes revolution just replaces one set of despots with another set. Kinda like ’08 did here. Puts a happy shiney face on the same abuses, repackages the arsenic and not much changes.

So sue me if I cannot see the ‘rigidity’ in thinking outside the rigid parameters of “tried and failed” that is the course of operating under a flawed system, nay a system not just flawed but diabolically stacked against us.

This is where the Smug Liberals lose the working class as much as the Righteous Righties do… they forget that one root, bit by bit can crack a boulder. Count on that lonely buttercup!

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To quote the eloquent Phil Rockstroh,

I’m am on one of those threads now with a passive-aggressive douche rocket of a liberal. Just like righties, they start flinging ad hominems, when their casuistry is challenged with facts, and then they just go bug-fuck crazy when counterpunched…it is like The Free Republic Fuckwitistan, only with better grammar and syntax.

David Guinn responded brilliantly,

It’s what I keep saying, the fundamental axis of the duopoly is vertical, not horizontal. Democracy in American has become two rich wolves lobbying the sheepherder about what they should have for dinner.

I have found that beyond the ad hominems, the raging scream is “no one will vote like you!”

Well maybe thats true. Maybe a lot of people will vote against their own conscience, and buckle under and say, “But, but, but, I MUST vote lesser of the two evils for my vote to count.”

The Class war is a vertical precipice, with more people dropping off the edge daily. Not just by the tens, but by the tens of thousands. People are frightened, angry.

What is being applied is classic Shock Doctrine Therapy, in hopes we will be too befuddled, a deer in headlights, to organize effectively and fight back. Its often the case, tried and true as the Neo-Liberals have replayed this experiment globally.

So, knowing this, in good conscience I am being asked to do nothing to shape the future, to mold the fallout, and being told that people will never see past their brainwashed ideologies enough to see their commonality in the Class War. Me? I have way more faith in humans than that. In fact, my faith has been restored so much by the kindness of strangers as well as loved ones after losing my husband that I cannot be jaded or cynical anymore. The simple fact that more and more people in my world are discussing politics, here on the ground level of white-trash working world and more and more people are realizing the problem isn’t the ingredients in the sausage, its the whole damned packaging factory thats poisoning us…. well shit. How can I put the blinders on and give up?

You see, I am far from alone. There is no rock, no island, no go-it-alone world. We exist in a symbiotic mesh as part of the natural world and one another.

To chose not to shape the future, introduce a new dialogue of true change and move the Overton Window is to choose jumping off the cliff with the rest of the sheeple. Or worse, help them follow a new shepherd that turns them away from the cliff only to lead them to the slaughterhouse instead.

People will “vote for people I like” if they are given a dialogue they can understand.

People are “doing it more and more” because they are smart enough to see you cannot enable the men and women enslaving you.

People are not “naive” to believe in not continuing to be a punching bag for the betrayers in Washington that continually kick us in the guts.

People are not “too stupid” to know that its not our taxes, nor our benefits crashing the system, its GE making a bazillion dollars a quarter, and paying no taxes while laying people off.

Sure, at first there were ten dirty hippies, then a hundred, then millions, and we ended a War, enacted social change and forced the Oligarchy to share the wealth more.

But this isn’t the 60’s, and those protests would now be called terrorism against the State.

So is it ‘rigid’ or “illogical’ or even ‘stupid’ to try and get the message out that WE THE PEOPLE have the POWER to enact change if we vote and demand TRUE CHANGE that benefits US instead of the CORPORATIONS few CEO’s?

The Uniparty doesn’t serve us. I challenge anyone to find ONE set of real change that has occurred in our favor in the last 3 years. I challenge anyone to say, we have gotten out of wars, the economy has improved, transparency has improved, our constitutional right to privacy has been restored, habeus corpus is the law of the land, and that posse comitatus is back as law.

So, no I will not be voting for “better Democrats” nor the Tooth Fairy or anyone else who doesn’t exist. Thats not stupidity, its pragmatism. How many times do you put your hand on the hot stove anyway? I mean really, maybe its better than throwing it under the broiler, but either way you get burned.

I may be in the Minority at the moment, but the Rapport with the Working Class only grows if you open the door to the brand new idea of walking away from the stove!!!!

Thats no fringe idea, my friends, thats SANITY, and it has been successfully tried in South American Nations, as well as the Social Democracies of Europe.

Yes, my dears, it will work if more people do it. It can only work if more people do it, and people like the ranting left quits scolding those of us who want to try something NEW.

People Power, its not really that difficult a concept is it? Freedom from Slavery. Human Rights. Sane Energy. Clean and Green. Renewable. Shared Assets. Compassionate Care. Equality. Education.

You can vote for those with their boot on your throats and call it “have to,” if you so choose.

Me? I’m too busy spreading the seeds of change and whispering in the fields.

The Dream Lives.


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    into a working majority

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    The occasional words of sanity help keep me from just completely freaking out.  Muchas gracias.

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