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One of the many problems with this extremely slow growth is the jobs being created are more towards the lower wage so called service sector, that sector that doesn’t really produce a product but the workers try and still give a quality job while getting low wages and few benefits and seek respect for what they do.

AIR DATE: April 1, 2011

Unemployment Rate Drops in March, but Economic Recovery Remains Fragile


The U.S. unemployment rate for March dropped to a two-year low of 8.8 percent. Ray Suarez discusses the numbers with Joel Naroff of Naroff Economic Advisers and Catherine Mann of Brandeis University International Business School. Transcript

Another is it shows that tax cuts don’t produce jobs, if that were true the whole previous admin would have seen monthly positives in job growth right after bill was passed and signed and the recent extension, especially to the wealthy, would have caused continued bigger numbers across the board in job growth. Those with the real cuts, the wealthy, are hoarding that along with the rest of their wealth, wall street capitalism, and not investing!! Notice how the tepublicans constantly use the point in their twisted policies as ‘job creation’ yet can never give specifics of that growth, they just keep saying over and over ‘job creation’, especially when they get what they want as they either control the numbers and power in congress or obstruct any and all forward movement policies when they aren’t the majority. Notice how no body calls them out when interviewing them.

AIR DATE: April 1, 2011

Returning Vets Face a New Battle: The Job Market


As part of his series on Making Sen$e of financial news, economics correspondent Paul Solman reports on the challenges veterans face returning home and searching for work in a troubled job market. Transcript

This above is a blatant example of the false meme’s used especially by the politicians of a particular political party that is supposedly known as ‘Strong on National Defense’, and related to that ‘job growth’. They go to seek revenge and find the guilty of an attack on the U.S. with an invasion of the country those are within. They quickly start beating the drums for invasion of an innocent country and people, leaving the first to turn into a quagmire and war of choice having nothing to do with the original goals of the country and purpose of sending soldiers into harms way, starting a second war of choice. Both are reaping great wealth for their wall street contributors, especially as both are still on going, first a decade second over eight years. They wave the flag, they scream how they support the troops and any against their policies don’t, they wear flag lapel pins while laughing about purple heart bandages, they’re supporters help in creating even more hatreds towards us by constantly condemning a religious ideology of others as they yell “God Bless America” bringing more recruits into the fold who are fighting our soldiers and some seeking revenge for the killings and maiming’s as well as that constant hate and fear rhetoric. And when the surviving soldiers return home they find no jobs. Even the National Guard soldiers of whom jobs are supposed to be held if possible after serving because many serve not one but multiple deployments and the tightjob market will hire a college student who went to a known party school or partied in school, but fear a veteran who might have developed PTS and is getting help for what they’ve lived through, In Our Names!

While now they seek to axe monies targeted for Homeless Vets and in this ‘battle?’ over budgets they’re long obstruction standoff could delay a VA hospital while the extreme minority tepublican supporters want to shut down the government as the soldiers ‘only they supported’ not long ago, and rarely mention, are still being sent into both theaters and are being killed and maimed.

All this as other countries are quickly moving past us in developing alternative energy sources, that which we had developed and started using years ago and led in that as we did in other economic growth only to allow the brakes to be slammed on by the same forces doing same now and not investing here nor wanting to and especially not wanting the Government to, that’s us!

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    • RUKind on April 4, 2011 at 02:36

    Make ’em do then throw them out. On the streets that is.

    The hypocrisy is nauseating. The morality is zero.

    The Uhmerican electorate is collectively dumber than a fencepost. These assholes say the same thing over and over and do the opposite over and over and the right just keeps on voting for them – over and over.

    I give up. I am powerless over scumbag boneheads.

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