How To Win Obama A Second Term

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The biggest mistake I see many make when trying to sell Obama to the independents and liberals and progressives Obama has driven away over the past 2 1/2 years with his bipartisan coddling of and enabling of republicans is to call the prospects stupid, and tell them buying the product is the only way they can stop being stupid, apparently thinking the prospects will immediately reach for their wallets and say “where do I sign”?

Of course, that result only happens in salespeople’s dreams – and is the reason 90 percent of people who go into sales never make any money at the job.

There is also a (real life) tried and true technique in sales and marketing that Obama supporters could try: the top sales producers in any industry constantly critique themselves and ask themselves “If I’m not getting the results I want to get, what am I doing to get the results I am getting?

Instead of asking themselves what they are doing to produce the results they are getting (dropping support) – and they are producing those results whether they want to or not – Obama and his supporters are trying to take what they think is the easy route of blaming the voters (their prospects) and treating the voters as if they are stupid.

Most people can easily see through it when they’re being conned and they simply hold onto their wallets and walk out of the store. They go looking for someone who will sell them what they want, instead of pitching them on “buy from me because the other guys are selling junk”.

People want to hear why they should buy a product, they want to hear what it will do for them. AND they want a demonstration and a history of it doing what it is claimed it will do. People don’t buy products simply because the salespeople tell them another product is crap.

Obama could not only save himself but he could probably give himself a larger majority in 2012 – but he can only do that with action – by starting to  produce something, anything, progressive that it was expected he would produce but hasn’t – and the votes he needs next year would immediately follow.

Obama can have independents and liberals and progressives all across the country rewarding him for results instead of turning their backs on empty promises and one of the largest landslides in history in 2012 with just a few simple moves.

Creating and passing an actual, real, universal single payer health care bill and rolling back the bailout of the insurance industry for example might do it all by itself, for example.

Although he could probably sew it right up it for himself by also starting torture and war crimes trials for Bush and Cheney, while withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan and breaking up the big Wall Street investment banks and prosecuting some of the people who destroyed the economy, like Goldman Sachs‘s Lloyd Blankfein and Magnetar‘s Alec Litowitz, while firing Tim Geithner.

He’s got about a year and a half, after all. Plenty of time.

Oh, and he might think about putting a stop right now to things like this:

Barack Obama recently issued an executive order imposing a wave of sanctions against Libya, not only freezing Libyan assets, but barring Americans from having business dealings with Libyan banks.

So raise your hand if you knew that the United States has been extending billions of dollars in aid to Qaddafi and to the Central Bank of Libya, through a Libyan-owned subsidiary bank operating out of Bahrain. And raise your hand if you knew that, just a week or so after Obama’s executive order, the U.S. Treasury Department quietly issued an order exempting this and other Libyan-owned banks to continue operating without sanction.

More: Why is the Fed Bailing Out Qaddafi?, Matt Taibbi, April 01, 2011

Barack Obama is a smart guy, right? He should be at least half as smart as all those independent and progressives who won’t vote for him unless they see results they want to see, right?

It’s all on Obama – but if he doesn’t produce something, anything, progressive to pull it out in 2012 it will be his own fault. Not the fault of those progressives and independents and liberals whose votes he will not have if he doesn’t produce.

He has about a year and a half. I’d suggest he get busy.


Now, how can you help him win in 2012, and avoid a republican administration?

First, and most important, remember that fearmongering never worked very well for republicans either, so give up on any idea that selling fear of republicans is going to win support for Obama. All that tactic will do is what it’s doing now – drive even more voters into staying home.

Pick an issue or a set of issues. Draw a line. State clearly to Obama that “On election day 2012 you have our votes. Guaranteed. Without question. As long as you do ‘THIS’ before then.

It then becomes an eyeball to eyeball poker game right down to election day. You must have the determination to not back down out of fear – and it must be made as clear as a club on the head starting NOW to Obama that there will be no backing down, that “THIS” is the price you will charge for your votes. You must also from today onwards completely ignore all fearmongering about the other party, and instead turn that around and use fear of losing to motivate Obama.

You have the power to change things. You also have the power to either use the power you have, or to throw it away.

It’s not up to Obama. It’s up to you.

It will take about 5 to 10 million people to do this, so you must start today, or nothing will change.

If Obama’s worried about losing in 2012 then if he’s smart he’ll start producing some good progressive results that will be worth being rewarded for with re-election to get back the liberals and progressives and independents who turned the 2008 election in his favor and whom he has driven away with the batsh*t crazy bipartisan coddling of republicans and their policies he’s pursued the past 2 1/2 years.

If he’s got your vote without having to earn it then he’s got no motivation to produce any results.

If your goal is to elect Obama no matter what he does, then by all means clap louder and make no demands backed up with determination to stand your ground for results.

If your goal is to get “THIS” accomplished (whatever “THIS” is) then what I have outlined above is your only effective process.

Obama is not the problem and never has been the problem.

Your vote is the only leverage you have. You can use that leverage to produce results, or you can throw away your leverage.


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    • Edger on April 11, 2011 at 02:50

    once said effectively “make me do it”. Listen to the man. Make him produce. Or say goodbye to him.


    Crossposted in orange…

  1. I wanna be an unfucker.

  2. When you recognize that the results they’ve gotten are exactly what they’ve wanted all along, the endless coddling and capitulation to the far right makes perfect sense.

  3. What do you have to frighten the Democrats and their glorious dictator, Hopey McChangerton, into doing what you want them to do?  Staying home and not voting isn’t an option, nor is voting Republican, for both send the message that you are either satisfied with the way things are or that you don’t care enough to voice your discontent.

    So what is the stick to go with the carrot?  I know the answer to this question, but I’d like to see if you know it.

  4. It makes no difference if you vote for tweedle dee or tweedle dum.

    It’s time to say it: this is all a charade, to give the pretense of a functional Democracy when it’s entirely an oligarchy, and Obama and John B and the rest are just playing parts in a bad play.

  5. “Pick an issue or a set of issues. Draw a line. State clearly to Obama that “On election day 2012 you have our votes. Guaranteed. Without question. As long as you do ‘THIS’ before then.”

    How will you hold him to it in his second term, of all things!?

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