Grampy is not home

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grampy does not live downstairs anymore.  He does not have his workshop to fix things.  He does not have the fun of the summer swimming pool, the deck the dogs jumped into the pool from.  The 4 wheelers, the snowmobiles, the plastic PooBear that automaticaly blew bubbles, or the snowfort igloo maker nor any of those suburban trappings I used to make your life magical and fun.  I have none of this stuff no more.

Yet at two your eyes light up and you scream my name with such excitement.  It is gone now.  Maybe, perhaps we have a year or so left and then what.  Getting new jobs at 55 years of age.  Starting over and that prospect of moving to remote cheaper rural America when ten bucks a gallon gas is imminent?

This baby boomers kids can’t make it like I did.  He won’t have the opportunity I did.  The normalcy I did.  The compassion, the common sense.

What do I think tonight.  How is my mood.

“Have a good one”

Have a good what?

What did you say to me?

“Are you fucking serious or fucking delusional or are you on designer psych meds.

“Have a good one?”

Check out the nuclear rain.

Yeah, that was nasty, even for me.


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  1. …and radiation are very real, and dosing us in an unimaginable scenario.  Being an optimist, who seeks always, within reason, to find the way through, I wonder!

    I wonder what percentage of the human species are perhaps being exposed to a sufficiently low dosage at a slow enough rate to allow for an evolution beyond this nightmare.

    Unfortunately, those who are responsible for delivering these dosages are unconscious of the possible results because their great, great hubris is in the way.

    Thank you LHM.  Be well.  Be of the best cheer you can manage.  

  2. Yes and from 3000 sq feet to 300.  30 years in the same place and all of us being super pack rats.  Tools for every trade, parts, boxes upon boxes of family pictures.  The seasonal decorations and the smallest things fill me with tears.  A Christmas snow scene, dated on the back from Heather.

    • RUKind on April 19, 2011 at 2:32 am

    They now or soon will have the greatest weapon ever – denial of water to those downstream countries.

    If you can see Chinese coal pollution stretching across the Pacific to the US then you can be sure that Japanese radiation is doing the same. Plus there’s the Japan Current. Sarah Palin will be able to see Russia glow at night – plus the Aleutians.

    Hell, Santa Cruz is prime territory for nuclear mutants.

    Just sayin’. 😉

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