WWL Radio #102 An Unnatural Imbalance in all Things

Friday, March 11th at 6pm EST!

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PhotobucketI make my return to the air on the edges of one of my own changes in my life’s path. Such is nature, such is life, yes?

There are natural disasters, natural courses that the human species must endure. So many of these stories I am playing catch-up on tonight illustrate the most unnatural disasters, imbalances cause purely by the idiocy and greed of men.

From preventing girls from mimicking breast-feeding, to our wars of imperialism and greed, to revisionist history attacking the US workforce to the complete utter disregard for logic in nuclear programs… its not going to take much to make the stones come tumbling down upon us.

My work, and your work here is not done, my friends, though others have done their share and now rest.

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    • Diane G on March 25, 2011 at 8:40 pm
  1. Ma found in alone in the hallway crying.  My Dad never crys.

    Lawyer says minimun 10 grand to document and sue for the fact my house has been a multi family since 1953.

    Kids still have 30 days to vacate the Apocalypse Ranch.  Fat chance on that one.  Bizzare unworkable plans to save the horses ongoing.

    My temp company I work for now used to be a premier defense contractor(big, big name too), so stay tuned.

    The suck factor here is truely galactic and multi-dimensional.

    Second daughter’s husband was last week looking at houses now his job hangs by a Best Buy political thread.  She is due with fourth grandaughter in May.

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