Working with Your Hands 20110322: Welding

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My good friend wanted his trailer to have some metal over the sides of it to use to tie down his riding lawnmowers, his ATV, and his large pull behind mower. He has several acres to mow, at his farm and here at his house.

Yesterday we went to the hardware store and got supplies, went to his farm to pick up the trailer, and to the welding supply firm to get material. If we had thought about it, it probably would have been easier to just use a company like Cigweld to get all our equipment and supplies delivered, that way we could have spent more time welding, rather than just last night. We welded a little last night and finished it today.

According to the Welding Insider, choosing the right equipment can be hard. However, welding is almost like art, so you’ll want to make sure that you have the right equipment. You may want to have the bench vise that would helpful for holding your work in place and ensure that you are working safely. If you’re not sure what sort of equipment you need, it might be working checking out to learn more. One takes a design, and makes it into a fusion of art and utility. Dad taught me how to weld.

Dad taught me how to use an arc welder. It is sort of a scary thing until you understand how it works. I love my Lincoln one, with taps from 40 amperes to 225 amperes. It is great!

Anyway, Elmer, who owns the workpiece, told me how he wanted it to be, and I welded it as he asked. We used hollow, square mild steel for the uprights, 1 by 2 inch stock. We used 1 by one inch stock for the horizontal parts.

For the thin metal, 60 amperes is just right. For joining it to the heavier angle iron on the structural part of the trailer, 75 amperes was required for it. We had a couple of heavy iron jobs to do, and 90 amperes were required for that.

We took our time, and used the square and the level to make it come out well. He had now a trailer that will hold anything, including a car, that he can drive anywhere.

I love doing that kind of art, even at his imperfect design. I suspect that he will come back for some reinforcement, but if it works the way it is, good on him! It certainly looks nice.

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