Apocalyptic Horses For Sale

The attempt to re-establish the ranch is a dead deal.  Horse, snowmobiles, a tractor and all the four wheelers are getting sold.  My grandsons are going to be street people in the time it takes to foreclose.  Now for the interesting parts.

Did you know the concept of in-law apartments is illegal?

How about banks no longer filing mortgage discharge papers.

The concept of building code “grandfathering” is null, void, a dead and irrelevant concept.

Want a loan? You might get one but you will get inspector detectors that will kill the deal in a heartbeat about trivial things like missing smoke detector batteries or God forbid kitchen countertops not made of granite.

There is no field and there are no dreams.

I am finding out that rural living may not be the answer as rural implies dumber and thus more likely to follow the mandatory compliance issues which roll into every area of life from big corporate oligarchies.  Could we have really established a family oriented equine business?  Yes, but only in the old school world in which I grew up in and spent my most productive years in.  Today the bank won’t lend you money unless you play by their rules.  Not really a question about will they get their money back at 800 dollars per stall time ten stalls, it’s about passing shitloads of money around on inspector detector local building code officials for their stamp of approval.  Everybody’s ass has to be covered.

Now I won’t mention the amount of fun.  The Easter Egg hunts, the Halloween Haunted Hay Rides or the smiling faces of kids NOT ever to be towed behind the snowmobile again.  It is just a report from the school worried about my grandson.

Want to know why?

Let me bold that again

Want to know why the school is concerned about my grandson?

He seems to not be intimidated by the teachers.

Not Intimidated

Not intimidated by authority figures.

Grampy done something right.

More, much more on this in the coming days.  Unless the radiation takes us out first.


  1. …take prana burghers as payment?  I will offer gahtrillions of prana burghers to forestall this forclosure.  but then i guess the foreclosers wouldn’t understand pranaburghers any better than they understand….

                   …anything else…

                                       … that is

    ephemerally more real that $$$$$$$$$!!!~~~

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