World Wide Tahrir coming to a street near you.

(1 pm. – promoted by ek hornbeck)

A new action was just announced a few hours ago on Twitter, “The World Wide Tahrir;” and it’s coming to a street near you.


          Every city in the world will have its Tahrir Square!

            We won’t free the embassies till Mubarak leaves!

            Join us in a world wide sit-in on your nearest

                  egyptian embassy and show Egyptians

                that the whole world is supporting them.

          From Friday 4th Feb at 20:00 local time in your city(!!!),

                  till Mubarak leaves

You can find information and Egyptian embassy locations here  


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  1. …for democracy and social/economic justice everywhere.

  2. …is a sham, is inadequate.  We cannot claim support for Egyptians when it is we who have benefitted, and continue to benefit, from the policies of our own government using brutal dictatorships abroad to maintain our standard of living.

    And — Our standards of living, though still somewhat superior to the rest of the world, are coming to an end.  We have almost totally exhausted what can be milked from the cow of exploitation.

    Therefore, I say that any suport expressions for World Wide Tahrir Square must be based on, and clearly state, the principle that one group of human beings can no longer dominate and exploit another group of human beings.

    Join the World Wide Tahrir movement, but make it clear that not only must Mubarak go, but our own exploitating, competitive greed regime must end also!

    • Edger on February 4, 2011 at 17:25

    It’d be good too I think, if the sit-ins included the offices of every US weapons manufacturer merchant of death, and the pentagon and white house…

  3. Great thoughts!

    Our government is two-faced as hell, always saying one thing and doing another.  I have lost utter faith in much of anything our government says, definitely, in our foreign policies.    

    In Iraq, we paid the Sunnis to fight against the Shia and turned around and paid the Shia to fight against the Sunnis.  We’re doing the same thing in Afghanistan, funding the Taliban, while supposedly supporting the Afghans.  

    Lately, I’ve found myself wondering about the violent clashes in Cairo, and elsewhere.


    We provide aid to Egypt, $1.5 billion.

    U.S. lawmakers are divided on whether to halt foreign aid to Egypt as a way to hasten President Hosni Mubarak’s exit from power amid continuing protests against his three-decade rule. . . . .

    Will the Egyptians really get what they need and want?

  4. It’s an important issue.

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