Ranch Foreclosure Update

As to why the ranch is going into foreclosure?  Shortly and mostly because while my son in law is fine and upstanding his mother has always been lower than trailer trash.  A red headed child of the sexual sixites who always had her kids support her financially.  The town tart according to most of the elders of the time who have since moved away to far greener and less expensive pastures.

The plot thickens by the starting of a family business financed by putting an outrageous loan on the family compound which was basically given to them free and clear by an uncle who gave it up under the threat of a lawsuit.  Did the company get million dollar jobs, yes they did.  Did the bitch blow that money like a drunken sailor on stupid material shit for herself, yes she did.   Did I also mention she kicked out her own parents after the parents paid for and built an in law apartment for themselves.  Did she also lie to the kids about the funding for the company which I found by inquiring at the registry of deeds.  Has it not been years of petty mind games simply to torture her own son and grandkids over sociopathic control issues.  This woman is THE poster child of the sociopath set.

So what am I to do?  Our family is planning to go commercial, horsewise that is.  For what the ranch might go for in Marxachusetts complete farms with indoor riding arenas and 14 stalls can be had.  A real change of life for an engineer like me.  I want, a dream, or rather simply trying to maintain something despite the Illuminati Plan to Destroy America. It will extremely sad to see the ranch go but I hope one day to have a ranch that is solely mine. Some of the texas ranches for sale are within my price range.

Horse love



Other stuff.  Weird revelations from the spirit world.

Mary Poppins


Kind of sums up the current times, don’t it.

The Moron Gene from natural news is excellent.


Planned and engineered middle east conflagrations set to make $5 or more gas prices to accellerate the destruction of america to free up resources for the global elite.


Oh, and an alternative news site search turned up another UFO type guy who seems to have had high rankings in the search engine set (if there is any credibility there now) but seems to lack substance.  Rather perhaps in eight frigging years of doing this CT stuff I have never heard of him makes even me sceptical.


There was new snow at the Apocalypse Ranch this weekend yet there were no joyous kids riding in sleds.   There were no fires, no hot chocolate.  Just the pouring over figures and survivalist possibilities about what and how to do what next.  My third grandchild walks to me two days after his first birthday party and I play a toy harmonica for him.  It put a smile on his face last time as it does now.  Grampy worries about saving him and Grampy shouldn’t have to.


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  1. …that…

    Either 1) you need, in your next life, a good counselor on how to choose a wife (and parents, well, from what you’ve said at least a mother), or 2) you should thank them for providing the reason for opening your Apocalyptic genius.

    I don’t really know, but I do love your wild understanding of the way things are.

    • Diane G on March 1, 2011 at 12:26 am

    you will do wonderfully in the new adventure.

    Northern Michigan, land is cheap as hell right now!

  2. and pony, Grampy, and beautiful country too. I hope you find someplace comparable. I’ve lived on a medium size lake in the sticks of downstate Illinois for the last 14 years, the place is up for sale now, I can relate somewhat. Fucking Illuminati, Wall Street Bankster bastids. 🙁

    The only thing constant, is change…

    Peace LH…

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