Potemkin America

Check it out.  The father of raygunomics now writes to the “CT” community and calls America Potemkin.


Bob Dean, the retired sargent major featured by Project Camelot introduced me to that concept of a love hate relationship with the human species.  We could be so great, but we are not.

A Lasthorseman book recommend.


To be truely effective a tin foil hat must be connected to an eight foot earth ground rod.  This limits mobility.

One of the latest big buzzwords in the CT realm is a pole shift scheduled  by March 15 of this year.  You might have heard about them renaming a runway in Tampa Florida because magnetic North has deviated by ten degrees.  Well, OK, if that where true a shitload of other airports would also be repainting their runways as well.  Not that airlines rely on such primitive Boy Scout type magnetic compass functionality but, well, most things in general indicate radical and exponentially expanding multiple disaster scenarios.  The dollar is worth nothing in 60, no 45 days from now.  Watch the video at www.endofamerica28.com.

What?  Do you mean to tell me there are 27 other internet domain names featuring the theme endofamerica.com?  Ok, well just today news of the benevolent intergalactic alliance has placed their timeline for total disclosure December of next year.  Plus they have completed their destruction of “our” current evil world controller’s secret spaceship armada by which they planned to fake an ET alien invasion.  Yup, that would be 2012 and when you Google anything and if that name happens to be on a list “fraud” appears after it.

The medical establishment might decide to warehouse my 87 year old Dad on Tuesday.  Elder care in this place is a mixed bag.  Dad just wanted to die at home and it does not sit well with me cause Dad took great care of socioMa’s social interaction addiction for well over 30 years.  

Are we to become Egypt?  Do we deserve to become like Egypt.  It won’t happen until the TV screen is all snowy and the light switch don’t turn the lights on.

We wouldn’t notice otherwise.

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